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Excavation Services and More in Vancouver Island

Our motivated team of experts can handle any project, no matter how big or small.

Certified Logging and Land Clearing Services in Vancouver Island

Van Vliet Enterprises Ltd. is a safe and certified demolition works, logging, and excavation company. We offer our services across Vancouver Island and can be trusted for all your logging, log processing, land clearing, excavation, and road-building needs. With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, we have managed to build several trusted industry partnerships. We mostly work with commercial clients for civil and forestry-related work, but we can also provide homeowners with grading, dugouts for houses, and retaining wall services, among other jobs. We understand that large projects require a lot of financial planning. That’s why we offer competitive prices. 

Reach out to us for logging and other services, and let’s discuss how we can best assist you.

Our Services

At Van Vliet Enterprises Ltd., we have a full assortment of earthmoving and forestry equipment to handle any job. Whether it is civil work or forestry-related, we can take care of it for you. Our team has experienced professionals and is motivated to do the job well. Our main services include:

Logging service We offer a complete logging service, from cutting trees to loading them for you. With quality equipment and years of experience, you can expect a speedy job. We work closely with all our clients to deliver lumber on time.

Log processing Van Vliet Enterprises Ltd. has all the experience required to carry out log processing well. Our team of experts will ensure you get your lumber delivered to you just the way you want it.

Land clearing We can clear your land and get it ready for all kinds of construction projects. Our team thoroughly inspects the site and offers efficient land clearing solutions across Vancouver Island.

24/7 Service, Free Estimates, and Volume Discounts

At Van Vliet Enterprises Ltd., we offer a 24/7 service to assist you whenever you need our help. We also offer free estimates on all our services so that you can monitor your budget effectively. Our industry partnerships go a long way, and we offer volume discounts too. Be it logging, excavation, or retaining walls, we’ll be happy to help you with whatever you need. Just give us a call.

Excavator during earthmoving work at open-pit mining on blue sky background. Loader machine with bucket in sand quarry. Backhoe digging the ground for the foundation and for laying sewer pipes

Certified Services

We are certified professionals who only offer quality solutions that are also safe.

cranes carrying the logs

Top-notch Solutions

We are equipped with high-quality machines that help us do the job well and on time.

Builder choosing heavy machinery for construction with a sales consultant standing with some documents on the open ground of a shop with special vehicles

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive rates so that our services don’t cost you a pretty penny.

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